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Just me

Since you clicked on "Personal" you probably expect some details about me.
Well, I was born in December 1973 in the bavarian town of
Erding and haven't left it for more than a few months until December 2000, when I moved to my new appartment in Schwabing, heart of the state capital of Bavaria, Munich.
Moving in in December was just the first step in appartment decorations; what followed was a larger number of trips to the Eching subsidiary of some rather infamous swedish furniture chain. When I received my "Sun Certified Java Developer" Certificate in summer 2001, my collegues argued I should rather have been awarded the "Ikea Certified Shopper" diploma, being able to tell the real names of most of a typical german living room furniture :-)

The early days

Growing up (computer-wise) in the late 80ies/90ies, I was too late to witness the wild wild west times of 2400 baud hacking, but got directly to the age of BBS mailboxing and early TCP/IP internet access.
I have owned some
Amigas over that time, and had to debug my TCP/IP configuration myself and to code my own utilities of various kinds. It was fun, and the experience I earned with C programming and networking still comes handy almost every day, today.
My previous web page still featured some links and stuff I wrote for the AmigaOS, but since nothing came out of the various companies buying and selling the technology (yet?) the interest in Amiga has faded. My stuff looks quite modest even when compared to nowadys Amiga software anyway.
Still, the AmigaOS, "Intuition", was and still is one of the most neatly done OSses around. It runs in 512K ROM, needs 512K RAM, on a 8MHz Motorola 68000 and still does most stuff faster (and with a better GUI) than my 700MHz Pentium at work.
My collegue Matthias recently recieved a new GHz machine with Win2000. One of his first comments was: "Whow, this is the first Windows machine that feels as fast as an Amiga". And he wasn't even an Amigoid fanatic.
Until my move to Munich, I read my eMail with the free (now open source at Source Forge) YAM program, and I've seen no better mailing software ... on any platform.
It's a pity I had to switch to Netscape Communicator in march, but due to a vacation misconfiguration, I had 23.000 eMails in my inbox when I returned from a holiday, and that was too much for YAM (or rather, for the Amiga memory).

Why .net ?

Having done web-"design" since summer 1995, I kind of consider myself part of the original internet infrastructure. My homepage was the only hit you got for a search for "Erding" back then. It was fun watching all that information grow to that level of information overflow we have today.
Secondly, now that "finally" everbody can afford a domain of his (or hers) own, it is fun to remind those folks that there is more than "doubleu doubleu doubleu dot something dot de" around. Kind of the same reason why I had the "" before --- no "www." in front, tell that to the DNS illiterate :-)

Personal info of limited usefulness

Some friendly links

None of the links originally posted here has survided, due to either loss of contact with the person, or due to being unsure about the preferred address.
Anyway, the age of collecting bookmarks is gone, these are the times of relationship networks, and I can heartily recommend people to use stuff like
openBC. If you know me, and I know you, please make me your contact there.

Flat personality!?

Browsing through all that crap, you might get the impression that I am a computer-centered, geeky, flat personality. This is because you read this on a web page that is anonymously available to quite a lot of folks.
The latest Erding gossip, psychological analysis, sexual preferences and worse will not be published here.

Shame on you if you expected that.  
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