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Literaric stuff: Cyberpunk

I realize a lot of people cannot understand or appreciate cyberpunk literature. For them, cyberpunk means some dumb techno rythms, or a stupid 3D shoot-em-up computer game. While you can certainly argue these things being 'cyber' (not really, since cyber means interconnecting with the human brain) there is not much 'punk' in there.

In general, cyberpunk - once a genuine term for a literaric movement - has suffered from the sell-out the term 'cyber' has experienced in the past years.

The Chatsubo

Cyberpunk literature came to the Net before the days of point-and-click WWW; at UseNet newsgroups alt.cyberpunk and especially alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo a lot of creative talents shared their works around '93/'94. With cyberpunk no longer being the revolutionary thing it was back then, most of the impressive stuff has faded away, leaving those newsgroups to the everyday-present UseNet spammings.
Some kind souls have collected the alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo traffic over the years and archived the works in various locations. If you are lucky, a current one is listed below at Links.

With Cyberpunk Literature being more or less a thing of the past, we must be prepared to deal with vanishing information, broken links and outdated user interfaces. Since it is the content that matters, I don't care about the technical difficulties. Please mail me if those links are broken or if you know more to add here.

My stuff

What you find here are my contributions to the chatsubo community. Feel free to mail me for comments or a creative discussion.
These things are put here in the understanding that you will not copy them to your own page, in your webzine or have them published anywhere and anyhow else. Linking them directly is ok, though.

Other Stuff

With cyberpunk being a rather defined area, I chose to extend my personal definition to include everything I consider having - as Gibson put it - EDGE. There is a lot of pieces I consider having EDGE - cyberpunk or not.

--- however with f*** a*** lawyers sueing everybody putting anything on the web, no matter how old or widespread, I've had to remove those things. Sorry.

The current situation

Today, 11-Sep-02:
Okay, that's not today, that's some years ago, but I still feel that way ;-)
My ass! I just discovered that some folks are using the old Usenet alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo group again, posting stories and all! Will have to check that out, and so can you:
Go to
Google Groups and type alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo, click SEARCH.

Today, 18-Nov-97:
Cyberpunk is a thing of the 80ies, but I like to stick to 80ies stuff, and I stick with cyberpunk. The means of creative exchange I knew of have faded to meaninglessness. Working fulltime and additional freelance, I have little time to write, go hunt for old books or even re-read my old ones. I do hope I will get into it one day or the other.

If you are in a creative exchange, or know of one, please do mail me.

Thanks for reading so far. As you probably have seen so far, do I appreciate feedback.

More Links

Here are more additional Links:
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